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I was entirely unaware how making cupcakes for a friend’s sister’s wedding (you get that?) would change my life. As time went on I got better and I grew not only with my skills but in business. I will never forget that first commission and how it gave me that little kick start and got me where I am today.

One of my favourite things to do is to cook large holiday dinners or hosting dinner parties. I have even been writing a cookbook for the last few years. Spreads that will knock your socks off and loosen your belt. Funny thing is before that first wedding I barely remember baking! Weird I know! I think I may have only started when we made cupcakes in a jar for my wedding as favours 10 years ago and I still hear about what a hit those where.

Building upon my self-education, I continue my skills by frequently taking courses both online and in person. You’re never to old to learn I say - I even take classes on things I know how to do because you can always pick up something new. Best way to learn for me is to just do it haha - I’m one of those!

A few years ago I took a leap of faith in myself when we were left making huge career decisions. After 19 years working for the Federal Government I took a leave to be home to take care of our daughter.  Like so many we were left with no child care before and after school and really no other choice.

So I decided, now or never. We built a separate dedicated health inspected kitchen. I kicked into high gear with both of my shops (The CakeHouse & Little Tweet Heart - Giftware
) and haven’t looked back!

Since then we have moved back to my roots in Peterborough, and settling down in Norwood.  My husband also left the CBSA to pursue a career in police I retired from the CBSA.  We restarted The Wayward Gent again and changed product from Beard Oil to Cocktail Mates and Infusions using freeze dried ingredients! They're magnificent! Being able to work from home and have a Sunday dinner is something I missed out on for most of my adult life being shift work. I am blessed. And I owe it to all the people and customers who believed in me - Thank you xo

The rest of my story? Well that isn’t written yet but I am just getting started…

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