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Here you will find a guide line for pricing to get you started but please keep in mind they are subject to change.




Although nothing can be set in stone until we have a chat about exactly what you are looking for, here is a quick guide to give you an idea. Please Visit Flavour listings for full list

Smash cakes start at $75
Elevated Flavours start at $85

6” Cakes serve 10 start at $85
Elevated Flavours start at $95

8” Cakes serving 20 Start at $150
Elevated Flavours start at $160

2 Tiered (6\8”) serving 30-35 Start at $240
Elevated Flavours start at $305

Wedding Cakes start at $8 per serving buttercream and $9 for fondant * Elevated Flavours $9 buttercream and $10 Fondant per slice.


Regular Iced $4
Elevated Flavour $4.5
Mini iced $2
Elevated Flavour $2.50

Prices will vary based on design, time, equipment used, materials required and skills needed to complete your dream cake. I like to give a few options for pricing so that I can do my best to work within your budget.

Please contact me for an exact quote. Cakes that involve sculpting, carving, 3D, airbrush or painting, along with Wedding cakes - because of the difficulty in these types of cakes pricing cannot be determined until we go over a few more details.

Toppers for the cupcakes are additional starting at $.50

Mini Cakes - They come gift boxed with ribbon and your tag can be attached $18 each


Not your average sugar cookie, I have perfected the perfect balance to ensure you love this soft sweet treat for your celebration.

Minimum orders are 12 cookies but can be any number after that. These are for plated cookies to serve. They are NOT sealed or gift wrapped.

Regular sets start at $60 per doz this includes a simple design that involves no special tools or equipment.

Sets that involve name changes, gold, silver, rose gold, airbrushing or projection work start at $65 per doz

complex cookies such as character sets will start at $75 per doz.

Favours generally 4” each start at $7 per cookie. These come heat sealed with a ribbon - smaller options available please inquire.

Boxed sets will vary also but generally for a 5 cookie custom set comes boxed starts at $35 basic design.

I do have flash sales for each holiday so stay tuned as those are priced individually.

Again, pricing will be finalized once we discuss what you are looking for. Cookies take a very very long time to do but are totally worth it as each one is a little masterpiece!


Tower - Small serves 65 $100 * Medium 80-90 $130 * Large serves 140-150 $185


Cream tarts are made with our signature sugar cookie or cake of choice. It is layered with a mascarpone buttercream topped with florals, meringues, macarons, chocolates, candy and fruit.

Single digit serving 15 $125 * Double digits serves 25 $210
Large serves 40 $335


$36 per dozen with a minimum of 12 per flavour

Towers - Small approx. 65 $195 * Medium approx. 85 $250 * Large approx. 145 $435


Medium 60-70 $180 * Chocolate dipped $210
Large 120 Cream Puffs $360 * Chocolate dipped $420

** Prices Subject to change without notice **

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