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Okay you have jumped for joy, told the world and now it is time to get to serious business!

What next....Vendors! The fun part...

You're planning the most important Celebration you will ever throw! I don't say most important "day" because you may have children one day, land that dream job, become a broadway star or be part of some other significant life altering event the universe has planned for you. But your Wedding is certainly one heck of a to-do!

It is massive, let's be serious and costly. I don't even mean guest number wise because even the smallest weddings become time consuming when planning. So here are a few things to think about while choosing your vendor list.


You can surf for days and days on the World Wide Web. This is honestly where you will find most of your inspiration! As much as I want to spend less time on the net, I do find myself down that Pinterest rabbit hole now and again. So why not make it fun?? Pull out those bluelight glasses and get comfy.

Instagram - Hashtags and the search feature enable you to find the most beautiful things you can see. Whether you are searching for your florals, cake, decor that sort of thing, these are items you can recreate by choosing a general idea. Wonderful for vendors to be able to see what you are envisioning. When choosing decor, photographers that sort of thing you will need to source locally and perhaps adjust a wish list according to what is available. Bigger cities means more selection.

Pinterest - Another Beauty. Did you know I still have friends and family who are not on Pinterest being inspired every day?? Don't be that person (ha!) there is so much cool info on there, blogs and "how to's" if you're adding for more of a DYI or a handmade element to your big day.

Google - Search wedding magazines, search wedding groups, you can search all your wedding vendors on here and you should be linking you back to their pages so you can see their work and decide if you want to move forward.

Facebook - Ask your friends! Or a newly married pal. See who has any recommendations. NOW keep this in mind what your friend loved may not be what you love so keep that in mind when searching. You are you - only You and your honey (get that?) can decide what will make your day special for the two of you. Ask local groups or the Neighbourhood app for recommendations. Join groups related to weddings because you may find some real gems in these threads.

Weddingwire, Style Me Pretty, The Knot etc.

These are spectacular! Unfortunately most wedding pages like these are geared towards the U.S. Vendors may be harder to source this way however none the less still spectacular sites to surf through! There are Canadian ones if you're local -Don't lose faith with not finding Canadian ones, next week I will be going over some awesome Canadian blogs and websites!

Look for a business with a website. If they don't have one I would scroll on by. Professional businesses have websites. Sites take time and money to set up so businesses' that invest the time and money into sites will take the time and money to invest in you.


You may be the first or the last of your gang to tie the knot. but someone somewhere you know has gotten married. Ask them what they regretted doing, or NOT doing (even better) because it could be the most spectacular idea that has not come across your mind yet! Releasing doves at your wedding? (okay maybe not the best thing for those babies) using rose petals as confetti vs paper? - easier on the eyes and environment? List is endless! Plus people love to talk about themselves so you shouldn't have an trouble getting someone to open up!


You've booked your venue, photographer or florist - Perfect! Do they know an event planner? or food truck? that sort of thing. When I started The CakeHouse there was such a great vendor connection. From styled shoots, to real weddings (that's what they are called because most weddings you will see online are styled shoots) chances are they know someone good. Never hurts to ask. Sometimes venues have a vendor list they recommend also. Ask. Always ask!


I will start off with take each negative review with a grain of salt. Actually read it and play the scenario out in your own head. Does it make sense? Sometimes negative reviews are not always the businesses issue. There could have been a number of things creating a bad situation, but if there are way more good reviews I would pay more attention to that personally. Do this for the other sites that have reviews also

One last tip....


See you on the net!

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