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It's time to plan! Choosing all the fun things like decor, your vibe, food, attire - all the good stuff that will show your guests who you are ~


It may be overwhelming or incredibly exciting to start this journey. "Where do I start?!"


Start here, as this step is crucial. Who are you as a couple? Who are you individually? What are your values? What are your passions, loves, dislikes? What is at the top of your "must have" list that you discovered while swooning around wedding websites? What defines you as a couple?

Are you travellers? Maybe a destination wedding will represent you and your thirst for the runway.

Are you adventurous? Could bungee jumping immediately after your ceremony be something you and your lover find thrilling?

Are you looking for something different? Perhaps a Wedding in the mountains of Montana could be where your heart lies. Mountain breezes, flowing dresses and pampas grass is your jam.

Do you love food? Could a Food Truck Alley be in the future? Roll with it! The possibilities are endless! Can't decide? Combine a few!


So now that you have an idea of what kind of vibe you want for your big day, you need to figure out the "IF" and "HOW" to make it possible. You may live in Cold Canada so a destination wedding may pose some difficulties, but if you are willing to jump over those hurdles it's entirely possible.

Consider that if you are planning a destination wedding people won't come. There I have said it. Flat out- some people won't come. Heck some won't come even come if it is in your own backyard! You cannot get upset about it because there are likely many factors as to why someone may not be able to attend. Money, health, work, family etc...I wouldn't take it personally.

Location is a big one though. Some people will base their wedding around who can go where. Here is the thing. It is YOUR day. I am not saying be totally selfish here (although you are entitled) but what I am saying is, if your heart is yearning for sweeping backdrops of snow capped mountains and meadows filled with wild flowers; plan for that. Who can make it, will- and the best part is you only really need the two of you to be there. After all, that is who is most important.



Does a silhouette style catch your eye? Straps or ball gown type of girl? Go to a wedding dress consultation and try a bunch on. You will have an idea of what style will suit you but another dress may surprise you!

Do you want all your bridesmaids to match or pick their own? (keeping with the colour scheme of course) Keep in mind different body types. You Don't want to make anyone uncomfortable - be a kind bride :)

Do you picture Navy suits or a black-tie affair for your groomsmen? Dress Oxfords or Sneakers? Again make sure this fits with your vibe but realistically there are no rules so do what feels right to you!


Picture it.

You spent 6 months travelling through Europe, falling in love with the Italian countryside. You skipped down cobble roads together to each new winery or cafe in search for the perfect red or cup of Java. Why not incorporate an Italian Menu? Lemons? Or perhaps an olive branch used in the decor? Personalize one of your favourite coffees as a your wedding favour so your guests will get to share in your experience. Bottle of Chianti to take home? Some of your guests may pick up on the clues but you as a couple will know the significance of these little "nods" you add to your wedding.

Perhaps you both travel every year to a food festival? Slapping loads of Sauce on that Texas BBQ. Why not have your favours be the Secret Grill Sauce Nana makes? Food trucks galore?? Picnic tables and Champagne sort of vibe. A BBQ can be done well and you get to incorporate a passion you both share with your loved ones. Plus its super fun.

You are both music lovers and master mixologists. Bluegrass playing while sipping on a signature cocktail outside relaxing within an antique furniture conversation set up (beautiful furniture arranged like an outdoor living room - coming soon to The CakeHouse rental department) surrounded by friends and family makes you all warm and tingly inside.

Perhaps a big ol' wild band cranking out the hits while dancing the night away barefoot gets the blood flowing. Saving the best for last as you watch your new father-in-law get down and dirty to preform the worm on the dance floor. Its all how you envision your big day and what brings peace to you and a smile to your face.

Last but not least - Remember to leave your guests with something to talk about, and make those memories you can laugh and sigh about for years to come.

Happy Planning xo

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